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Optimizing Human Factors to Achieve High-Performance Inspection and Field Leadership by Elevating Culture for the Utilities, Oil, and Gas Markets

Our Culture

At Joe Knows Energy, we center everything we do in our organization around the concept of a High-Performance, People-First culture.

People are the center of our business, and we realize how critical it is to include everyone in the success of our company. We make it a priority to hear and consider the thoughts of all to ensure that everyone is involved in that success.


  • Development of Critical skills that drive employer satisfaction
  • Inclusive Culture that Values You
  • Part of a Team-On Going Support and Development
  • Job Alerts
  • Industry Updates
  • Learning Management Platform with Agent available help


Joe Knows Energy delivers added value to our inspectors by providing them with not only job-specific training, but training on communication and leadership skills that support the Clients goals.

We also have a culture that encourages our team members to speak up regarding concerns, and provide support to our team on a daily basis.

Core Values

JKE has five core values of Courage, Embracing Our Vision, Professionalism, Accountability & Learning. These core values are strengthened and supported by our fundamental beliefs which together underpin every decision we make and behavior we exhibit. Below you will find our 10 Fundamental Beliefs that exemplify what we mean when we list our 5 Core Values.

  • Being a Team Player is Key
  • Work for a Higher Purpose
  • Responding Correctly Under Pressure Sets Up for Success
  • Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Elevate Safety, Environmental, and Quality Culture
  • Speak the Truth Even if it is Hard
  • Rules are in Place for the Safety & Accountability of the Team
  • Embrace New Ideas and Lessons Learned
  • A Team is Only as Strong as it’s Weakest Link
  • Have a Deep Understanding of Own Strengths and Blind Spots

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