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Services we Provide

At Joe Knows Energy, we provide a variety of services from staffing various industries, recruiting, consulting, and training. We are always learning new things, and open to discussing how we could provide additional services that could help your business!

Third-party Inspection Staffing

Staffing Services

One of the key services we provide at Joe Knows Energy, is third-party staffing; particularly inspection staffing.We utilize our High-Performance Process to find and vet the most qualified candidates for each position. We pride ourselves in being able to fill positions quickly, with valuable candidates.

Recently, we completed a pilot program with one of our clients, where we were able to provide them with over 12 inspectors in less than 6 months.

Check out the video which explains the value we’ve provided to our client during our partnership, and what prompted the client to work with us in the first place!

Consulting Services

Alignment and Focus

Organizational Health Check

Survey of team members to determine prioritization of improvement initaitives (11 areas, 55 detail questions). Initially performed for overall health of organization (OHC), then customized by depts. Includes review of info and discussion with team.

Team Strategy and Development Session

Utilizing Health Check (Organizational)and Assessment (Individual) , facilitate team discovery of insight to drive improvement initiatives for organization, teams and individuals. Develop Key performance indicators for teams and positions. 1:1 coaching also available.

Compensation alignment

Utilizing the KPI feedback, along with assessment results and team analysis, develop phase compensation structure change to align with performance and company culture.


Assessment Individuals

3 page summary followed by 70 pages of details, DISC , Values and Attribute assessments. Develop a deep understanding of how someone Behaves, Believes and Thinks. This allows you to position them for success and build better teams and organizations. Can provide training for HR person trained to answer daily questions.

Benchmark by position

Utilizes 3 part EEOC compliant assessment tool. Establish benchmark, by position, to identify high performance score, utilizing internal and external data. Utilize benchmark to measure potential by position.

Recruiting & Assessment Screening

Positions posted to job boards, applicants take the assessment, color coded results based on comparison to benchmark by position with resume access and targeted questions.

Learning Management and Career Road Maps

Connection to courses both internally and externally developed, adjustment of course content, Course development and 1:1 coaching available.

Change Management Coaching

Understanding strengths, blind spots, KPI’s, and performance, provide coaching to work through the individual, team and organizational changes needed.


Source employees who work as W-2 employees for us, in service for client. They receive KPI feedback on performance. If significant industry need, we establish an industry platform for use by all and charge via a membership model.


Operations Automation

Scheduling, matching resources for projects. Alternative scenarios, drop and drag internal and external resources.

Hosting and Support

Technology Platform


Performance Management Platform

  1. Employee and manager portal
  2. Connecting Business goals to individuals feedback and development, scoring and strategy 3. Project assignment based on skills required and availability.


Sales Development & Training

Audit of Marketing and sales efforts with recommendations. Training and support to manager and sales team plus documentation in a mini playbook.

Recruiting Services

In addition to providing staffing for various projects and positions, we also have the ability to simply recruit for different clients.

We follow our same High-Performance Process to recruit candidates and make sure they are well suited for positions, and present them to clients. The only difference with this model is we pass them off to the client once they’ve completed the recruitment and have been selected for the position.

Training Services

We also have in-depth training programs that we use both internally and externally.

Internally, we have Pro-Joe Qualification* Training that provides our inspectors with the materials they need to be successful in their roles.

Externally, we are currently working to build courses for purchase to help provide training for various industry roles.

Companies Who Currently Use Our Services

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Our team is ready to chat with you and discuss your third-party inspection needs, remote inspection programs, or inspection challenges. Reach out to us via phone or email below or fill out the form and one of our team members will reach out to discuss your needs. We work regularly with companies throughout North America to elevate culture, improve performance, and recruit top inspection talent for companies in oil, gas, and utilities markets.

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