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Safety & Performance Management

At Joe Knows Energy, we have had the privilege of working with several clients who have trusted us to improve their company culture in various ways… below are a few examples of how we’ve done this.

Performance Management

We had an employee working for one of our valued clients, who lacked some of the key performance skills needed to be successful. The client had tried their existing methods to try to remedy the situation, but still were unsuccessful, so they enlisted JKE’s knowledge and experience for help.

Our team utilized our expertise to implement some solutions to help resolve this… you can read about our specific solutions in the below case study.

Safety Revisions

Another client had success in running their business model with proprietary methods of finding and sourcing inspectors for years. For years, the model worked and there was no need to change. A few years ago, the client experienced inspection issues that changed their stance on their existing model.

Our team used our safety experience & methods to assist in shifting their current model… check out the below case study to learn more.

Pilot Inspection Program

Lastly, we had the opportunity in 2021 to prove our High-Performance Program to be a successful solution by participating in a pilot program with a new client who needed to hire a large quantity of inspectors, but not sacrifice the quality.

Using our trusted HPP, we were able to pass the pilot of 6 inspectors, and now are continuing to provide inspectors for this client… continue learning by clicking the below case study.


Due to Joe Knows Energy’s success in revising and perfecting our client’s performance and safety models, we have received several testimonials from those clients.

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