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Optimizing Human Factors to Achieve High-Performance Inspection and Field Leadership. Elevating Quality, Safety, and Environmental Culture for the Utilities, Oil, and Gas Markets

Designing Our High-Performance Process

Watch the video to hear from founder, Dan Lorenz, on the High-Performance Process and how our proprietary process identifies, recruits, and retains more high-performing talent to help you achieve your quality, safety, and environmental goals.

Creating High Performance Conditions

We believe that 80% of management time should be spent on those whose performance meets expectation, with just 20% of time spent on those who exceed expectations. Anyone below those expectations do not belong on the team.

Our 9-Step High-Performance Program Process

Our 9-step, in-depth High-Performance Program has proven to be effective in understanding client needs, expectations, and ongoing management.

Results-Driven Every Step of the Way

Read through the steps of our process below to understand how we use data, performance, and collaboration to create meaningful results for our clients.

Step 1

Team Fit Analysis

A fit analysis that reviews the specifics of your organization, hiring models, processes, and strategies to ensure we can provide the right type of candidates for your needs. Our skilled experts walk you through a brief questionnaire that can help us ensure a fit.

Step 2

Cross-Functional Success Measures

We collaborate with your leadership and project team to identify how we will measure success of new recruits. This workshop helps us brainstorm and identify ways to measure performance and improve retention.

Step 3

Define Key Performance Indicators

After our Cross-Functional Success Measures workshop, we collaboratively define the key performance indicators we will focus on within the roles we are placing. These measures will help us monitor performance and coach inspectors.

Step 4

Benchmark High Performers

Our benchmarking process uses a comprehensive behavioral assessment, team feedback, and past employee performance to identify traits most common to long-term performance in your company. This guides our hiring process and helps us ensure a fit with your team.

Step 5

Four-Dimensional Selection Process

We use our database of over 13,000 vetted candidates to identify the best fit for your needs based on four-dimensions of success: behavioral analytics, locations, team fit, and technical skill.

Step 6

Individual Development Plans

Our team leaders work with individual inspectors on personal development plans after they are selected to coach inspectors for optimal performance and long-term retention. This helps ensure results for our customers and our staff.

Step 7

Monitor and Report

We monitor performance over time and work with your project and leadership teams to collect feedback, identify gaps, and continue to improve performance based on our key performance indicator plan.

Step 8

Feedback and Training

Our team leaders continue to work with individual inspectors to develop skills, coach them on gaps, and identify areas to improve. This allows us to continue to reach or exceed goals as we continue to move forward.

Step 9

Business Metrics and Adjustments

Our team works with your project and leadership teams regularly to check in on performance, work on new issues or challenges, and make adjustments to the process to refine how we select, recruit, and retain individuals.

Delivering Results

Joe Knows Energy delivers added value to our clients by providing them experienced Inspectors/ Front Line Leaders with outstanding communication and leadership skills that support the Clients goals.

We hire Inspectors/Front Line Leaders who are committed to excellent performance standards and thrive in a safety-focused team environment.

Being in service to others is what brings true happiness.

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