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Employee Spotlight: Natalie McIsaac

A View into Her Time with Joe Knows Energy

This month, our Employee Spotlight will focus on a member of our Leadership Staff, Natalie McIsaac.

As Client Experience Leader, Natalie is responsible for wearing many hats at Joe Knows Energy and keeping everyone on the same page at all times. Natalie is a reliable, diligent member of our team and we truly appreciate all she does to make Joe Knows Energy run smoothly. She demonstrates our core values daily and encourages the team to do the same.

Below is the transcript from our recent Q&A with Natalie.


Question: How long have you been with Joe Knows Energy? What was the first thing that attracted you and made you excited to work for this company?

Answer: I have been with Joe Knows Energy since March of 2020, right when COVID was just beginning in the United States. I had recently graduated from Ohio State with my bachelor’s degree, and I was very impressed by the willingness of the team to train and onboard me during a pandemic. Much of my initial training was done virtually, and it was a very smooth process. I was initially excited to work with Joe Knows Energy because I could tell that there was a strong alignment between my values and the JKE team, and I believed we would work very well together. I’m happy to say I was right!


Question: What is your current role at Joe Knows Energy?

Answer: I am serving dual roles of Client Experience and EOS Integrator at Joe Knows Energy. As Client Experience Leader, I am responsible for ensuring that both our internal and external clients have a smooth and seamless experience when doing work with us and improving any processes along the way. As EOS Integrator I am responsible for maintaining accountability among our leadership team to fulfill their duties and responsibilities within their role.


Question: Do you feel that you are valued as a team member?

Answer: I absolutely feel valued as a member of the Joe Knows Energy team. One of the great things about working for this company is how the team is very vocal about their appreciation and gratitude for one another. We are truly a family and work extremely well together. Our President, Dan Lorenz never makes me question how well I’m doing. He makes it clear that he appreciates all I do in my role.


Question: How is working for Joe Knows Energy different than working for other companies in the past? What do the core values mean to you?

Answer: I’ve already sort of touched on this, but Joe Knows Energy is such a great place to work because of the people-first culture we have. Our team truly places a focus on our diverse group of people and we’re always looking out for each other. It’s clear that JKE understands the company cannot be successful without the success of its team. We may come from different backgrounds, but we still always come together to achieve our goals and each of us brings a different value to the table. The core values are so special to me because they aren’t just posted on a wall and never spoken about again. The leadership team truly embody our values and provide examples of what living your values means. The emphasis on our values has made me want to be a better example for others.


Question: How have you grown professionally since working for Joe Knows Energy?

Answer:  I’ve grown in many ways, both personally and professionally since working for Joe Knows Energy. During my time here, I’ve been blessed to take risks and try new things in my work. My mentors have given me the resources needed to take these risks and not be afraid of failing (that’s where the core value courage comes in). Taking these risks has also pushed me to try new things in my personal life, like skiing and skydiving. I’ve also been able to learn a multitude of skills, including recruiting, payroll/billing, marketing, management, and so much more. I received my Technical Services Certified Staffing Professional certification from the American Staffing Association, so I am now even more qualified to do a great job.

Working at Joe Knows Energy has provided me with no limits when it comes advancing my career, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunities I’ve had here.


Question: Any closing comments about working for Joe Knows Energy?

Answer: I can’t emphasize enough how blessed I am to have found Joe Knows Energy just 3 months after graduating college, during a global pandemic. This has easily been the most rewarding job and I look forward to what’s to come with Joe Knows Energy for many more years!

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