August 22, 2023 jkeadmin

Employee Spotlight: Joe Sparks

A View into His Time at Joe Knows Energy

This month, our Employee Spotlight will focus on a member of our Inspection Team, Mr. Joe Sparks. Joe has been in the oil & gas industry for 40+ years, and his extensive experience and knowledge is critical to our success.

As a Gas Inspector, Joe is responsible for managing various pieces of the jobsite to make sure we continue to elevate our client’s safety, environmental, and people-first culture at all times. Joe has been a valued member of our team for the past two years, and he truly demonstrates what we’re looking for in our frontline “Joes” (no pun intended).

We wanted to share with you all his thoughts on his time here with us at Joe Knows Energy.

Below is the transcript from our recent Q&A with Joe Sparks.


Question: Do you feel that you are valued as a team member and maintain the appropriate communication with the leadership team?

Answer: Since I started working for Joe Knows Energy, I have been impressed with the quality of leadership the company brings to the inspection environment. Management has always been and continues to be ready and willing to help.


Question: How has working for Joe Knows Energy developed your Technical and Soft Skills?

Answer: With the easy access to in-house Pro-Joe training modules, even someone like me who has been in the pipeline industry for over 45 years can still sharpen my inspection skills with the click of a button. The Breslin Learning videos we receive bi-weekly have allowed me to focus on how I am interacting with fellow crewmembers and management and give me ideas on how I can improve this.


Question: How is working for Joe Knows Energy different than working for other companies in the past? What do the core values mean to you?

Answer: I have worked for many great companies in my long career in this line of work. I have to rank Joe Knows Energy at the top one or two companies I’ve had the privilege to work for.


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