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Recruiting is Not What It’s Always Been

Another year has flown by yet again, and many companies are gearing up to begin recruiting for roles within their organization using the same tactics they’ve always lived by.

Year after year, companies are focused on compensation planning, great hiring ads, and driving new candidates into the funnel to conduct their recruiting efforts. It’s a solid process that has been repeated for years because it works.

In 2023, however, to recruit the right candidates for your roles, learning the trends to appeal to the best candidates is critical to stay ahead of the curve and compete for the best candidates.

The current employment market is full of new opportunities for candidates. With flex and remote work options, candidates have more options than ever before. To land top candidates, employers need to have strategies to stay competitive and create a great candidate experience.

To help you stay competitive, here are seven key considerations for 2023.

  1. Culture is More Than a Talking Point

Candidates are looking for a great culture. They want to be in a workplace where they feel valued, have a sense of purpose, and are rewarded for their performance. Your company’s culture can’t just be a talking point. Your culture needs to live up to the expectations you set. Evaluate the culture you’re hiring people into and make sure that your promises are going to be kept – or improve your culture to make it more attractive.


  1. Employer Branding is Critical

When you want to be competitive in the hiring market, clear and consistent branding for your company is essential to attracting the right talent. When candidates are reviewing companies, they are going to be considering what sets you apart from the others and why they would want to work for you instead of an alternative. Utilizing your company website, along with social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook to showcase your excellent company culture and values is a great way to do this.


  1. Networking is More Powerful than Ever

In recruiting, it’s not enough to post your hiring ad and wait for the right applicants. This can attract candidates who are actively seeking employment but excludes those who may not be happy in their current roles. In 2023, networking will continue to be of upmost importance in recruiting. Use the features in LinkedIn such as content posts, direct messaging, and group engagement. And don’t forget to ask your current employees for their best referrals!


  1. DEI Initiatives Are a Must

More than ever, creating a fair, equal hiring process is important to candidates. Ensure you’re compliant with all EEO policies. To be competitive, create meaningful set policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion is imperative. If your company does not currently have a policy around DEI initiatives, that’s the place to begin. The Society for Human Resource Management, or SHRM, has some information to help get you started.


  1. Consider Flexibility

Historically in project-based recruiting, the typical new hire is a full-time employee with a relatively consistent work schedule. This person is hired based on their experience relative to the job without consideration for proximity or flexibility. It’s not out of the ordinary for someone to travel hundreds of miles to get to their jobsite. Today, people are seeking flexibility in their roles and are looking for projects that are closer to home. When conducting your recruiting, now is the time to seek out individuals who have less of a mobilization period, or those who are able to commute to and from the job every day rather than having to obtain temporary employment.


  1. Boomerang Employees

Another great tactic to consider in your 2023 recruiting plan is to tap into past employees who either completed a project with you previously and moved on to another company, or people who may have retired but might be considering going back to work. If you had a previous employee who did a great job while working for you but left for one reason or another, there is no shame at all in reaching out to them for potential work in 2023. As long as you ended your professional relationship on positive terms, this could be a great way to bring back a star employee to your team.


There are plenty of additional recruiting trends to look out for in 2023, but we believe the 6 we discussed above are key to consider in your efforts this year. We’d love to discuss any of these in further details with you!

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