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Employee Spotlight: Charles McMeen

A Look into His Relationship with Joe Knows Energy

We recently launched our employee spotlight program, where we plan to shine the light on our amazing employees at Joe Knows Energy! To start it off, we are honoring our Regional Team Leader, Charles McMeen.

As a team leader, Charles manages a team of inspectors and consistently acts as a communication liaison between the Joe Knows Energy team and our client.

Charles is a man of integrity and truly lives our Core Values every day, helping to elevate culture on our clients’ job sites. We are proud to shed some light on this incredible member of our team!

Below is the transcript from our recent Q&A with Charles so you can learn more about what working for JKE means to him.


Question: What was the first thing that attracted you to Joe Knows Energy and made you excited to work for this company?

Answer: The fact that JKE is a Faith-based company was the first thing that stood out to me. My first official conversation was with the Operations Leader (Craig Carte) and within the 5min of our call we talked about our faith beliefs and family. I was also very drawn to the organized structure. You can see initially when you are hired, there are proper steps in place to help you be successful when onboarding for inspection projects.


Question: Do you feel that you are valued as a team member and maintain the appropriate communication with the leadership team?

Answer: The communication has been strong since the beginning. All staff members, from the owner, Dan Lorenz, to the administrative team, Natalie and Craig, have done everything they can to make you feel welcome and heard. The culture here is different than most places and is one of the reasons I truly love working with Joe Knows Energy.

Over the past few years, I’ve built a strong relationship with Dan Lorenz, and I have never felt so connected with someone of his stature that allows me to feel comfortable to be my true self around him. We connect about God and our families, and the fact that Dan played sports on a D-1 level like myself and we share that in common.


Question: How is working for Joe Knows Energy different than working for other companies in the past? What do the core values mean to you?

Answer: For my day-to-day activities with Joe Knows Energy, I always try to live up to the JKE standard which we call “CEPAL”. CEPAL is the acronym of the core values of Courage, Embracing the Vision, Professionalism, Accountability and Learning.  I always think about our work performance and ways to be productive for both JKE and the client while maintaining those core values. I try to emphasize with my inspection team how our values separate us from other contractors and make us stand out from the norm. I believe it keeps us active in position while on client projects.

I try every day to take time to reach out to field inspectors to inform them with our day-to-day updated procedures and new policies that are implemented. I speak confidence into our inspectors daily, ensuring that that they know their leadership team supports their daily activities.


Question: How has working for Joe Knows Energy developed your Leadership Skills?

Answer:  I’m always working harder to be like, if not better than my supervisor Craig. He is my direct contact of communication daily. He respects my decisions and lets me lead my team in my own direction with his approval. Comparing to other 3rd parties I have worked for Craig is like a brother. We are able to talk about business items, as well as our personal lives. When you know you have that type of support, you can move with confidence and continue to grow as a leader.


Question: Any closing comments about working for Joe Knows Energy?

Answer: In closing, working for JKE has been incredible. I recommend if you are working anywhere, whether it be in the field or behind the desk, you find a company like Joe Knows Energy, where we strive to be the best with an awesome support group.

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