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Joe Knows Energy is Committed to Fostering a Diverse, Skilled Talent Pool for the Future of the Communities our Clients’ Serve

When our team members feel heard, they are more engaged, learn more effectively, develop new leadership skills, and perform even better. This means our clients can achieve a high-performing, people-first culture with an emphasis on safety and quality.     

Joe Knows Energy is committed to creating and nurturing a more diverse talent pool that brings together different perspectives, lived experience, and backgrounds to support our clients.  

From expanding our recruiting efforts to enhancing employee resource programs, we are creating a comprehensive approach to our diversity and inclusion to create a more welcoming, engaging, and effective culture for our team members.  

Our High-Performance Program has been centered on a non-biased, blind screening process designed to match candidates to roles based on behavioral traits, technical skill, and team fit. This approach has helped us identify top candidates from all backgrounds and minority groups. 

Today, we’re expanding our feedback initiatives, creating new recruiting opportunities, and implementing steps to improve inclusion and equity in our workplaces. Here are a few of the initiatives we’re launching this year: 

  • Consistent training of our leadership teams on intentional diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and discussion sessions to help our leaders see unconscious bias and address any issues. 
  • Feedback and engagement surveys among our entire database of over 10,000 people to identify resources and support they need to feel more engaged. 
  • Training programs to help upskill members of our database with paid, free, and scholarship-driven program options to help our talent pool learn new skills and develop their careers in the oil and gas or utilities markets.  
  • Internal culture initiatives to promote our values and encourage development, growth, integrity, and inclusion amongst our team members. 
  • Awareness and recruiting program focused on developing relationships and generating career awareness through school affiliations, job fairs, and information sessions to expand our recruiting pool and encourage more diversity in the industry. 

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